September 14, 2009

Guild Activities

Into every guild some blah must fall. Blah seems to have hit my guild pretty hard lately, and a friend of mine started talking about guild activities. Years ago, when I first joined HE, someone had asked for suggestions for guild activities, and I remember I jumped at the idea to suggest a few, but it just never happened. I didn't think through all the ins and outs of my ideas, and they weren't viable, or they'd take too much effort to organize.

When I think of large guild activities for fun, I usually think of naked gnome races, or similar things. The one put together and filmed by the guild Sting years ago is one of the things that interested me in the game in the first place. A swarm of naked gnomes, all starting at level one, running from Ironforge to Stormwind. They died a lot, but it still looked like a lot of fun. And, about a year after that, I got to participate in something similar on Moon Guard. This time, though, we raided Hogger as a warmup, and then we took on Orgrimmar. Our goal? Give Thrall a hug.

I've never done so many corpse runs in my life.

It was fun, though! But, it's all been done, and not many people in HE want to create a level one character for that kind of abuse. I've run out of character slots for something like that, too. So, what else?

I've seen a lot of ideas thrown around over the years. Amazing Race across Azeroth. Scavenger hunts of all shapes and sizes. Retro raids. Gift exchanges. Duel championships. All sorts of things can be done.

I was going through old screenshots, though, and remembered an idea I had a LONG time ago. Screenshot hide and seek. Take a screencap of yourself somewhere strange and out of the way, and the first person to submit a shot of their character in the same place wins and gets to pick the next spot. I think that with a few simple rules, like no shots of places you have to exploit to get to, it could make for a fun sort of competition.

At this point I have no idea if anyone in my guild would go for something like that, but if it doesn't happen there I might start doing something like it here. We'll see. I just think it could be a lot of fun.


Kara said...

Oh I've heard of people doing something similar to your hide and seek idea. I think it sounds like fun and you should try it! I personally think guild activities like that help a guild stay together. When those activities stop usually the non-raider people get forgotten and start feeling like they aren't a part of the guild or even the raid team doesn't feel as connected to each other.

Garroly said...

Here's some ideas:

1. Low-level Scavenger Hunt: comprised of greys and the such

2. Screenshot Locator: where someone takes a bunch of screenshots in random places, and others have to take the same ones

3. "Naked Gnome Race": roll level 1's and run to some dangerous location, preferable a Horde city :P

4. Deadmines Naked: start with no gear, and only get to equip things that drop inside

5. Trivia Night: I know the bot is broken, but someone could come up with a bunch of questions and ask them in guild or a separate channel

All I got for now

Garroly said...

I totally posted this without rereading the post, and just realized I used two of the same ones! Sorry to steal your ideas, Shavy!